ENCOUNTERS / Dressing Up

  • Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Music & World Sales: Takashi IITSUKA
  • Japan 2011, MiniDV, 30 Min., Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director, Writer, Editing & World Sales: Yuka YASUKAWA
  • Japan 2012, DVcam, 70 Min., Japanese with English subtitles


John takes his depressed friend Max on a trip to the countryside. The scenery and a friendly stray dog cause Max to feel better, but then a mysterious monster appears. A truly energetic doll-trash-spectacle that is filled with lovely handmade special effects! 

Dressing Up

DRESSING UP tells about the psychological struggles of growing up through 13-year-old Ikumi, who lives without memory of her mother and fears to lose herself in increasing violence against her classmates.